Within every project lies the core concept, the intention, of what needs to be created. That’s the nugget. The single most important thing to do throughout the process is to keep your eye on the nugget.

I am passionate about the work I do: finding creative solutions that entertain, educate and enthuse while guiding work that translates what needs to be said to the masses in a way that resonates as an intimate experience to each person who encounters it.

I love to inspire creativity. Pomposity pisses me off. Trust, integrity and passion for the work are what make it worth doing.

When you scroll through to the site’s WORK section, what you will see highlights how I have used that passion as the creative lead for some great shops. The CLIENTS page shows some of the companies I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with and find solutions for.

I am grateful to have had a varied background, one that has provided me with the capacity to view things from a lot of different perspectives.

A short walk through my long history:

  • The Scenic Route – Multi-disciplinary specialty design and fabrication shop
  • Whole Heads Marketing – Multi-disciplinary virtual agency
  • Ignited Minds – Multi-disciplinary marketing agency
  • Activision – Internal marketing group for an up and coming game company
  • Della Femina McNamee – Non-traditional traditional ad agency
  • Chiat Day – Disruptive ad agency of some note
  • Apogee Special Effects – Magical film making shop
  • Cinesound – The name says is it all – a film and television sound shop
  • KTVF – CBS and ABC affiliate in Fairbanks, Alaska – Yes, Fairbanks, Alaska

This diverse history has allowed me to straddle both the corporate and agency worlds as both creative and client, understanding every measure of success, all while keeping it simple.

There is an art to that simplicity – you don’t give up on the nugget.

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Behind every creative solution there is a client with a story to tell and a desire to have it heard above the noise. But it takes a courageous client to recognize a breakthrough idea. The people represented by these logos have consistently proven their nerve and commitment to quality throughout the creative process.


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